Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So-o-o happy with the way it's all going and so-o-o-o relieved that the bums have arrived to go on the seats!
Audiences are loving it, ticket sales are increasing daily, and some Very Important People are coming to see us and making very encouraging noises.
I've just put the Age review up on the Comedy Festival website for all the world to see and I'll add the link here: http://www.theage.com.au/news/entertainment/arts/arts-reviews/absolutely-silly-old-buggers-a-musical-celebration/2009/04/20/1240079576255.html
I'm afraid there's been a bit of false advertising for this particular blog. It says on the ASOB website: "Click here for opening night pics, videos, etc." Well - there are NO opening night pics because we were all so busy talking and laughing (with relief as well as happiness!) that no one thought to actually take out a camera.
Performance photos are being shot tonight and I will get them up on the web ASAP.
I have taken videos of a couple of performances for archive purposes and had intended to put excerpts on the blog but unfortunately, with the available lighting and the distance from the stage, they're just not good enough for that. We'll have to make do with the stills.
JOY-FM had a terrific interview with Maggie and Jan last week and podcasts of two different broadcasts of this will be on their website at the end of this week. When they're available, I'll blog the link.

Plenty of work to do still with ticket sales, comps, and any further publicity we can manage so not a lot of time for blogging.
The end of the season is approaching and I'm pretty sure those silly old buggers will be due for a rest. They've certainly earned one!

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