Sunday, April 12, 2009

Countdown to opening night.....

Everything is ready to go - well, almost!
Cast, Director and Musical Director are all working very hard rehearsing, Production Manager is getting all technical and stage stuff ready, and Producer/Marketing/Publicity Department (me!) is trying to pull all threads together and make sure the whole crew is supported and we get those bums on those seats!
It's now only TWO days to our first preview - Tuesday, 14th April at 6pm.
Setting up this blog is my latest activity so I can upload the VERY latest news and information about how the show is developing and how it's being received. I'll be able to add pictures, video and reviews. With a bit of luck, they'll be good reviews and will help sell the show to future audiences.
The cast have been wonderful in making themselves available for interviews in the past couple of weeks and have sung and laughed their way through radio chats with Julie Houghton at 3MBS, Julie Howard at ABC-FM and John Gunn on 3CR. I may see if I can add audio to this blog so we can use bits of those interviews - not sure about that yet.
IT expert Conrad has given me the instructions about setting this all up and he will handle the technical detail of linking it to the Silly Old Buggers website.

I won't have anything much that's new until we open but WATCH THIS SPACE!

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