Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SINCE CHAPEL OFF CHAPEL - What's happened?

I'm very happy to report that our performances for Seniors' Week at Chapel Off Chapel went off beautifully. Lots of audience and lots of laughter - as we have come to expect!!

And it was just great to see the show on a larger stage with good lighting and good raked seating for the audience. The cast were also extremely happy to find themselves with roomy, well-lit dressing rooms with all mod. cons. - absolute luxury!

We were MORE than happy with all the help the lovely people at the Chapel gave us with bumping-in, running the show and generally making us feel welcome and very comfortable. All of them were unfailing cheerful and helpful, and we express our grateful thanks to all involved: Rachel, the manager, Simon, our technician and the many front-of-house staff.

We were very happy to welcome a few representatives from Production Companies - both Melbourne and Interstate - who have expressed some interest in the show's future. To that end, after quite a lot of planning and organisation, a DVD has been recorded for promotional purposes. This will help prospective producers 'sell' the show to possible sponsors and backers.

At the moment, the video footage is in the hands of the editor and we hope to have a final product ready by the end of November.

Once that's done, I'll be trying to get a few minutes of it up on the website for public viewing and promotion.

Until then... continue to 'watch this space'.

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