Sunday, September 4, 2016


Here's the link for "Pull the Plug" mentioned in the previous post. Just realised I hadn't put the link in.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I almost forgot that I had a Blog! 
Now I have just realised I should have reported this very important piece of news - just to show those SOBs aren't quite dead yet!
About two days before Christmas, 2015, I received a very pleasant phone call from my agent in Sydney telling me that there had been a season of Silly Old Buggers in New Zealand during September, 2015! I had known nothing about it because his earlier email had gone to an out-dated address.

I made contact with the theatre company, and the director and I exchanged a number of emails. Here's an excerpt from one of hers: 

   I directed 'Silly Old Buggers' which was a howling success and we regretted not putting it on in the

 larger theatre. We put it on in our dinner theatre room with a capacity of 90 and it was sold out from 

the second night of six performances, with a waiting list for the final three. I shall be peddling it on 

your behalf at the MTNZ Conference in March. The cast had so much fun with it and the audience 

responded accordingly. It has been nominated for a couple of awards at the Zone 1 Napta awards. 
Eilean Rawson ( President Whangarei Theatre Company)

Having had this rather exciting piece of news and, with all the discussion in the media and politics about the Right to Die and Dying With Dignity, etc. I decided to put a video of the Silly Old Buggers song "Pull the Plug" on my Facebook page. It seemed appropriate and timely and says lots of the things people are talking about.

Now it's May, 2016 and so far there's no news of any further activity. But who knows what may be around the corner.....?