Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's been quite a while since the heady days of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival - way back in April, 2009.

Since then I've spent far too many hours on the phone, sending out emails, DVDs, scripts, music scores, not to mention all the promotional material that has to go as well, in a major effort to convince commercial producers that they could make lots of money out of that very topical (and successful) musical "Silly Old Buggers".

The end result of all that effort, time, energy and angst has been - what? A number of 'very interested' replies, a number of 'we'll get back to you', and quite a lot of 'thanks but no thanks'.

In the meantime, I have been arguing with the Australian Tax Office who suggested that I wasn't even running a business that was trying to make money! Hah!!!! I may have failed in my efforts to make money but that doesn't mean I wasn't genuinely trying. (Just ask my husband! He thought I was VERY trying!)

However, I managed to convince the ATO that I was truly legitimate and they have decided NOT to send me to gaol. Bother! I thought a few months/years of being looked after by the state might have been quite a relaxing experience. Like many a criminal, I could have studied to become a lawyer - or a best selling author - or ANYTHING!

The perceptive reader may be able to sense a slight sense of cynicism in the above report - and they would not be wrong. It's been a long hard road and I have to apologise for the total lack of blogging over the past twelve months. Discouragement can do that to a writer.

This is probably the final blog for my dear old Silly Old Buggers. UNLESS ..... Ah, hope springs eternal!!!

It is now being put into the hands of an agent and IF, by any chance, anything happens from this, there will be another blog. If not - it's farewell to the blogosphere. It was lots of fun while it lasted.

Go to: to read all about our exciting and entertaining journey.

I'm sorry that the wider world won't see the show and enjoy the fun songs and laughter we all enjoyed and, if by any chance you want to see/hear some more of the show - contact me on: gwadds (at) and let's talk.

To that amorphous group of people we call "the general public" - 'bye. It's been fun!