Sunday, September 4, 2016


Here's the link for "Pull the Plug" mentioned in the previous post. Just realised I hadn't put the link in.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I almost forgot that I had a Blog! 
Now I have just realised I should have reported this very important piece of news - just to show those SOBs aren't quite dead yet!
About two days before Christmas, 2015, I received a very pleasant phone call from my agent in Sydney telling me that there had been a season of Silly Old Buggers in New Zealand during September, 2015! I had known nothing about it because his earlier email had gone to an out-dated address.

I made contact with the theatre company, and the director and I exchanged a number of emails. Here's an excerpt from one of hers: 

   I directed 'Silly Old Buggers' which was a howling success and we regretted not putting it on in the

 larger theatre. We put it on in our dinner theatre room with a capacity of 90 and it was sold out from 

the second night of six performances, with a waiting list for the final three. I shall be peddling it on 

your behalf at the MTNZ Conference in March. The cast had so much fun with it and the audience 

responded accordingly. It has been nominated for a couple of awards at the Zone 1 Napta awards. 
Eilean Rawson ( President Whangarei Theatre Company)

Having had this rather exciting piece of news and, with all the discussion in the media and politics about the Right to Die and Dying With Dignity, etc. I decided to put a video of the Silly Old Buggers song "Pull the Plug" on my Facebook page. It seemed appropriate and timely and says lots of the things people are talking about.

Now it's May, 2016 and so far there's no news of any further activity. But who knows what may be around the corner.....?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's been quite a while since the heady days of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival - way back in April, 2009.

Since then I've spent far too many hours on the phone, sending out emails, DVDs, scripts, music scores, not to mention all the promotional material that has to go as well, in a major effort to convince commercial producers that they could make lots of money out of that very topical (and successful) musical "Silly Old Buggers".

The end result of all that effort, time, energy and angst has been - what? A number of 'very interested' replies, a number of 'we'll get back to you', and quite a lot of 'thanks but no thanks'.

In the meantime, I have been arguing with the Australian Tax Office who suggested that I wasn't even running a business that was trying to make money! Hah!!!! I may have failed in my efforts to make money but that doesn't mean I wasn't genuinely trying. (Just ask my husband! He thought I was VERY trying!)

However, I managed to convince the ATO that I was truly legitimate and they have decided NOT to send me to gaol. Bother! I thought a few months/years of being looked after by the state might have been quite a relaxing experience. Like many a criminal, I could have studied to become a lawyer - or a best selling author - or ANYTHING!

The perceptive reader may be able to sense a slight sense of cynicism in the above report - and they would not be wrong. It's been a long hard road and I have to apologise for the total lack of blogging over the past twelve months. Discouragement can do that to a writer.

This is probably the final blog for my dear old Silly Old Buggers. UNLESS ..... Ah, hope springs eternal!!!

It is now being put into the hands of an agent and IF, by any chance, anything happens from this, there will be another blog. If not - it's farewell to the blogosphere. It was lots of fun while it lasted.

Go to: to read all about our exciting and entertaining journey.

I'm sorry that the wider world won't see the show and enjoy the fun songs and laughter we all enjoyed and, if by any chance you want to see/hear some more of the show - contact me on: gwadds (at) and let's talk.

To that amorphous group of people we call "the general public" - 'bye. It's been fun!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


There's been a bit going on behind the scenes and I've been rather busy in many other directions - that's my excuse for not posting for some time.
All is not yet (quite) lost and there'll be an update within the next week.
Till then ....

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Six months on and what’s happened to that VERY successful musical, Silly Old Buggers?

Well, there’s still a lot of interest in it out in the wide world but nothing happens in a hurry, it seems, and currently I’m “in discussions” with two production companies and two agents about the future of the show.

I'm somewhat encouraged by the fact that a new Australian play, which won the $10,000 Patrick White Prize in 2007, has only JUST found a producer and is opening at fortyfivedownstairs in August this year! So if it can take a prize winning play three years to get a producer and we only began in 2009, I guess I can wait a bit longer.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying the beautiful summer and autumn weather out in the garden. And now that the winter is upon us, I’m happily sitting inside, watching the garden grow in the beautiful rain and spending time reading and relaxing.

2009 was a big and very busy year and I’m only now beginning to feel a bit more like getting into the writing game again. Watch this space for further developments!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

SOBs up on YouTube

It's time to report on the results of the BIG VIDEO RECORDING DAY at the Williamstown Little Theatre.
It was ALL GOOD! Everything worked like a dream: the set for the WLT's next show was absolutely perfect for shooting our songs and the cast, pianist and crew all performed quite brilliantly!
And now we have three of the songs up on YouTube ready for the public to have a look at. So far we have: "Fight for your rights, don't let the bastards win", "I'm tired of being old" and "The Computer Song".
My hard-working and over-extended son, Marcus, has promised to use some of his precious Christmas holiday time to do some more editing and should get a few more up 'soon'. (Doesn't editing always take three times as long as one expects?)
Until then, go to YouTube and simply search for Silly Old Buggers and the three songs will appear for you.
And if you happen to know any more producers who might be interested, send them along to have a look too.
Happy viewing!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SINCE CHAPEL OFF CHAPEL - What's happened?

I'm very happy to report that our performances for Seniors' Week at Chapel Off Chapel went off beautifully. Lots of audience and lots of laughter - as we have come to expect!!

And it was just great to see the show on a larger stage with good lighting and good raked seating for the audience. The cast were also extremely happy to find themselves with roomy, well-lit dressing rooms with all mod. cons. - absolute luxury!

We were MORE than happy with all the help the lovely people at the Chapel gave us with bumping-in, running the show and generally making us feel welcome and very comfortable. All of them were unfailing cheerful and helpful, and we express our grateful thanks to all involved: Rachel, the manager, Simon, our technician and the many front-of-house staff.

We were very happy to welcome a few representatives from Production Companies - both Melbourne and Interstate - who have expressed some interest in the show's future. To that end, after quite a lot of planning and organisation, a DVD has been recorded for promotional purposes. This will help prospective producers 'sell' the show to possible sponsors and backers.

At the moment, the video footage is in the hands of the editor and we hope to have a final product ready by the end of November.

Once that's done, I'll be trying to get a few minutes of it up on the website for public viewing and promotion.

Until then... continue to 'watch this space'.

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